River Place Student Theatre
Peter Pan Auditions
​River Place Student Theatre (RPST) welcomes all kids who love to sing, dance and act and provides them with the opportunity to participate in a “REAL” audition process.   All our actors audition to become a part of the show.  During this audition, they have the opportunity to declare their interest in a Lead or Ensemble role.  If your actor has ANY interest in a lead role, they should take a chance and audition for the role that interests them.   We do everything we can to make sure that their audition experience is a positive one. Each actor should come prepared to sing the audition song(s) and dialog lines (when appropriate) completely OFF SCRIPT.  Musical accompaniment (without the words) will be provided during the audition.
Auditions for Peter Pan will take place on
September 7th, 8th, and 9th at River Place Country Club
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Audition Materials

Please bring the following materials to your child's audition:

  • Actor's Audition Form - Please print, fill it out, and bring with you
  • A recent headshot or school photo of your child (attach to audition form)
  • $55 Program deposit to cover 3-week theatre boot camp, script, and cd. (cash or check made to RPST or River Place Student Theatre)
Have your child prepare for one of the roles below. Be advised that many children will dress up for their audition although this is not required.

Peter Pan

The boy who wouldn’t grow up. He is hotheaded, adventurous adolescent who is also very caring. This actor needs to be able to be commanding and a natural leader. Peter has a few solo singing lines, but his presence is most important.
Song: You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart (Part 2) - measures 1 – 20 including dialog in the middle of the song
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics


Wendy is the eldest Darling child and a gifted storyteller. We need a mature performer who isn’t afraid of showing a range of emotions. Wendy has several singing solos, so we need a confident singer.
Song: The Second Star to the Right (Part 2) including dialog in the song.
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics

Tinker Bell, Featured Fairy or Featured Mermaids

Tinker Bell (“Tink”) is Peter Pan’s fairy. She is full-size and able to speak English when talking to the audience, but two inches tall and only able to speak through bells while in scenes. This actor must be a confident singer and actor as Tinker Bell is the narrator and has several singing solo parts.
Featured Fairies are Tinker Bell’s friends.
Silvermist is sweet and supportive. Rosetta has southern charm. Fawn is spunky and fun. Iridessa is the most cautious and sensible. Lyria is delicate and inquisitive. And Vidia can’t believe she has to put with being in someone else’s story.
Featured Mermaids are native to Never Land live in Mermaid Lagoon. They are very friendly to Peter but resentful of Wendy when she arrives. The mermaids include Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, and Allana.
Song: You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart (part 2)  - All parts from m. 25 (about 0:35 in to song to the end) beginning with Tinker Bell’s solo “watch all flowers dance with the wind”, then Fairies part at m. 43, the ALL parts and Group 1 parts until the end
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics

John and Michael

John is the middle Darling child who acts quite mature for his age. He is a smart, analytical thinker. We need an actor who is capable of portraying sophistication and still be a kid at heart. Most of John’s singing is done in groups.
Michael is the youngest Darling child and baby brother to Wendy and John.  He is sensitive and playful. While this role is of a young child, the actor has significant stage time and must be able to keep up with the mature roles of the cast and be able to maintain focus and character while on stage for extended periods.
Song: You Can Fly (Sing John AND Michael’s parts)
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics

Captain Hook

Captain Hook is the dangerous villain who seeks revenge on Peter Pan for the loss of his hand. This role needs to be played by a strong character actor with good comedic timing, a clear speaking voice, and a BIG personality.
Song: Never Smile at a Crocodile – Captain Hook’s parts (including dialog within the song)
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics

​Featured Speaking Roles: Mr. Darling, Mrs. Darling, Chief Tiger Bamboo, Smee

These featured roles need strong, versatile character actors who aren’t afraid of physical comedy and over-the-top acting.
Song: You Can Fly (Sing John AND Michael’s parts)
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics

​Featured Ensemble Leads: Pirates, Lost Boys, Indians

The Pirates are Captain Hook’s rough gang of henchmen. They are mean and gruff characters that do Captain Hook’s bidding. Pirate leads include Jukes, Flint, Cookson, Murphy, Noodler, and Skylights.
Song: Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me
Accompaniment - music only
Sheet music and lyrics

The Lost Boys are Peter Pan’s faithful gang. They are fellow orphans and incredibly loyal to their leader. The Lost Boys include Cubby, Skunk, Foxy, Hop and the Raccoon Twins. The Indians are the native inhabitants of Never Land. They include Brave Pine, Brave Oak, and Brave Shrub.
Song: Following the Leader (beginning to measure 52)
Accompaniment (music only)
Sheet music and lyrics